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Through its Competitor Prices Tracking on eBay, SunTec Supports Its Client Maintain a Competitive Edge


  • Regularly monitoring the competitors' prices and accordingly adjusting the client’s prices at a specified lower base so that the client can maintain a low-cost leader position on eBay
  • Precise and detailed price tracking allows client to analyze the pricing trends by competitor and by product as per the matching criteria
  • Minimized lead time along with absolute precision and validation in scanning listings and repricing the items to stay ahead of the competition

Client’s Business: Wholesale Auto Parts distributor in USA and Canada

Competitor Price Monitoring Services

Client Background

Our client is a leading supplier of high quality - high value aftermarket auto parts in USA and Canada, and a power seller at eBay. With over 3 decades of experience in Wholesale Auto Parts, the client is equipped with state of the art warehousing facility and offers direct from the manufacturer pricing. All its auto spare parts are meticulously examined both in terms of quality and prices to ensure that the customers receive the highest possible quality and exactly matched auto parts for their vehicle and at the most optimal price.

Client Requirements

The client wanted to arrive at the best price for its auto part items comprising 5000 SKUs – a price that could place it ahead of the competition, matching the lowest price at eBay. To achieve this, the client suggested using a custom built software for checking competitor prices on eBay, and then confirming the validity of the matches manually.


The primary challenge in Competitor Price Comparison and Analysis Services was to accurately track the competitor price listing with highest match rates and accuracy in terms of vehicles and their corresponding auto spare parts. For instance, if we searched on with the search term ‘DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Complete Strut’, our client’s listing displayed on top. However, some of the other listings that followed for the same search phrase presented different features, like multiple auto parts included in the listing, or an entirely different vehicle part from the client’s listing. Matching the exact product category and auto components necessitated utmost attention to detail.

Competitor Price Monitoring Services offered by deployed a dedicated team of four eCommerce professionals with previous experience in competitor price monitoring and comparison services. The team was trained to proficiently use the software using some preselected search terms to query eBay and gather potentially matching listings on eBay, so that we could compare prices. The Project Manager was made responsible for QA and QC and to ensure that all the criteria were in absolute sync (for instance, same part for the same car) before we started to compare the price worth on them. We followed a meticulous procedure for monitoring the lowest eBay priced listing, viz.:

  • Filtering the category for which we were checking the pricing data to see the potential eBay matches for the product selected
  • Scrutinizing the keyword part numbers as well as the listing description, comparing the compatibility charts for the listing to client’s part listing and examining if the Years, Makes, Models, Fitment Notes, Part Location, and Part type matched
  • Having identified the lowest eBay priced monitored listing, we repeated the process by checking for the new search results and combing for the previously ignored items to make sure no item was accidentally skipped.
  • Manually verifying the result for setting a lower price for the client’s auto part items vis-à-vis the lowest eBay priced listing


With its eCommerce Price Comparison Services, helped the client in outsmarting its competitors by continually and accurately tracking and comparing the price and other key statistics, and accordingly adjusting its prices on eBay.

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Client Speak

It has always been great to work with They take complete responsibility of the project and make sure it is done accurately and on-time. Their customer service is excellent and their prices are modest. These qualities have been extremely beneficial to me as a client.

Thank you SunTec!

David Lavinsky

Chief, Business Planning Division,

Home Electronics and Appliance Store

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