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eCommerce Website Maintenance Services

You need to keep your eCommerce website maintained to make sure that it is engaging and attractive for potential customers. Fixing issues as soon as they occur and stocking or replacing products on your eCommerce website when required not only helps in delivering a great impression of your store to your customers but also ensures that you get good sales figures and conversion rates.

SunTecIndia.net offers maintaining shopping cart and payment gateways, fixing links, proper marketing, content management, product photo editing, etc. All these functions come under the purview of eCommerce website maintenance services. Obviously, handling all these tasks on your own is not feasible for you. Therefore, our eCommerce website management solutions are tailor-made to meet your business-specific requirements. As part of our eCommerce website support service, here's what we bring to the table:

eCommerce Website Management Services

Our eCommerce Website Management Services At A Glance

  • eCommerce Website Content Management

    eCommerce Website Content Management

    We have years of experience in providing eCommerce website management solutions for online stores and provide round-the-clock services to make sure that you do not miss any of your potential customers by keeping your website up to date. Our experts will keep your website well maintained ensuring that your customers get the best experience while shopping from your e-Commerce website.

    We help our global clients in developing personalized content for their eCommerce websites. Our eCommerce website content management services entail writing product user manuals, product descriptions, product FAQs, product specifications, promotional literature, product brochures, etc. We have a team of dedicated catalog copywriters that are specifically trained to induce the interest of your potential customers in your offerings and make the decision-making process easier for them.

  • eCommerce Website Marketing and Optimization

    eCommerce Website Marketing and Optimization

    We will help you engage your customers to your website by providing attractive graphics, easier navigation, product HTML pages, etc. Your eCommerce website optimized and promoted by us will not only attract the target audience but will ensure that your potential customers get the best shopping experience with minimal shopping cart abandonment.

    This will not only boost the sales of your website but will increase the conversion rate and overall business revenue. Our highly skilled team of eCommerce marketing experts comprises certified developers, marketing specialists, and graphic designers that are specifically trained to promote and optimize your eCommerce websites as per your business and project requirements.

  • Shopping Cart Maintenance

    Shopping Cart Maintenance

    Keep your online store up to date and your shopping cart upgraded with the eCommerce shopping cart maintenance services provided by SuntecIndia.net. Our experts will check for the latest updates and upgrades with respect to your shopping cart making your potential customers use the latest features every now and then.

    As a part of eCommerce store maintenance services, we regularly upgrade your shopping cart for you to use its new features optimally. Whether you want to install a standard or customized module, implement XHTML/CSS changes, revamp the existing template design, upload new products, promote your marketing campaigns, carry out troubleshooting, or track traffic stats, we have got you covered!

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Your eCommerce business can become vulnerable to cyber-crime if the latest security features are not installed in the payment gateway and shopping cart. As a result, your shopping cart may accept illegal credit card transactions and consider them valid.

    At SunTecIndia.net, our payment gateway integration experts have the requisite expertise in handling the integration process across all eCommerce shopping platforms, viz., PrestaShop, Magento, X-Cart, etc. Our experienced payment gateway specialists are well-versed with PHP, Visual Basic.Net, ASP.Net/ASP, and Perl/CGI to deploy the payment gateway, configure it, and make it compatible with the programming languages so used.

  • Checking and Maintaining Effective Website Security

    Checking and Maintaining Effective Website Security

    One of the essential measures to protect your website and your customers from malware and cyber threats is eCommerce security. For us, the security of your eCommerce website is extremely crucial, and therefore we put the safety and privacy of your online store first. If the security of your eCommerce website is not taken care of adequately, it can drastically hamper your sales equation.

    • We bolster the security of your eCommerce website by installing firewalls and upgraded antivirus software.
    • We provide SSL Installation, configure 2-factor authentication, PCI DSS standards, data encryption, etc.
    • We monitor your website 24/7 against any harmful element to maintain its security.
    • We even employ robust security measures to prevent any security breach or hacking
    • Scan your eStore periodically and ensure that all your online data is backed up with adequate recovery measures.

    If you won’t regularly monitor your website or measure its performance and improve it, there are chances of getting security issues and falling out of date.

  • Product Page Updates

    Product Page Updates

    Our experts will look into your product listings and will make certain that your offerings stay relevant to your target audience. This will not only help potential buyers find the required products easily but will also boost your sales and increase your conversion rate and revenue.

    We at SunTecIndia.net, an eCommerce website management services provider, offer a complete range of product catalog management servicesincluding product page updates, data entry of product titles, SKUs, create and optimize product images, create and optimize lengthy or short product descriptions, prices, key attributes, etc.

  • Editing and Enhancement of Product Images

    Editing and Enhancement of Product Images

    We are experts in providing professional photo editing and enhancement services and have been serving our global clientele for decades with a customer retention rate of more than 95%.

    Our professional photo editing and enhancement services that we provide to our clients include product image enhancement, image masking, product image manipulation, photo resizing work, image cropping, photo retouching, etc.

    SunTecIndia.net is adroit at uploading products across multiple eCommerce platforms, viz., Magento, Volusion, Shopify, PrestaShop, NetSuite, 3dcart, along with the most sought after online marketplaces such as Amazon, Sears, eBay, Buy.com, and Overstock to name a few.

  • Tracking And Reporting Website Statistics

    Tracking And Reporting Website Statistics

    • Our experts will track new keywords to target a greater audience & optimize them for all your product pages which will not only enhance the overall conversion of your eStore but will also improve the sales and business revenue.
    • We also perform constant tracking of your top competitors to identify missed opportunities and how you can outperform them.
    • We will also keep a watch on the activities at the checkout page, and determine non-converting web pages with a comprehensive website analytics report.
    • Our data strategist will review the data obtained and align strategies with business goals.

How Will Your Website Benefit From Our eCommerce Website Maintenance Services?

The need of owning an eCommerce website and maintaining it is to enhance sales. And if you are not maintaining your website professionally then you will definitely get low sales for your store. Following are the few benefits that you can get for your website by taking our eCommerce store maintenance services to improve sales.

  • 1. Better Shopping Experience

    There are chances that when you add new products to your web pages, you can get things jumbled which can impact the user shopping experience while purchasing products from your website. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a neat and clean website keeping your new and old products well organized on the pages.

    Our experts will help you with product mapping by planning out where you should keep your products on your website and how you should link them.

    With our eCommerce website maintenance services, you can ensure a smooth shopping experience for your potential customers from choosing a product, adding it to the basket, and checking out. With our services, you will get a better customer retention rate as we will keep your website attractive and engaging.

  • 2. Reduced Cart Abandonment

    We are experts in spotting and resolving the issues on your eCommerce websites as soon as they arise. Issues like displaying empty baskets even when a customer has added items in it along with others can be handled well by our experts. Such issues if noticed by your potential customers will bring down your sales and your brand value too, therefore, it is best to let professionals handle such issues.

    Fixing glitches that arise on the website will help you in attracting your target audience to your website, reducing cart abandonment, and improving your customer retention rate ensuring that your customers will have future visits to your website.

  • 3. Higher Ranking of the Website

    By taking our eCommerce website maintenance services you can just sit back and see your website rank higher on the search engine platforms including Google. We have a dedicated team of experts that will take care of your website related activities including Product Page Updates, Editing and Enhancement of Product Images, eCommerce Website Marketing and Optimization, Shopping Cart Maintenance, Payment Gateway Integration, Tracking, and Reporting Website Statistics, Checking and Maintaining Effective Website Security, etc.

    We will make sure that your website is well maintained with optimized product listings to make it visible to your target audience and make you stand out in the market.

  • 4. Less Prone to Hackers

    It is a fact that a website that is well maintained and has the right security in place is less prone to hackers and is at a lesser risk of getting viruses and other bugs. Also, if you have an eCommerce website that is not maintained then your chances of losing valuable data will increase which can cause damage to your brand value in the market.

    Opting for eCommerce website maintenance services from SunTecIndia.net is one of the best ways to keep your site protected and make it less prone to hackers.


What does website maintenance do and what is the need for taking eCommerce website maintenance services?

Website maintenance keeps your eCommerce website healthy ensuring that it is performing well and is attracting a maximum number of the target audience. Maintaining your eCommerce website is all about keeping up with security updates, fresh content, encouraging traffic growth, and making sure your website visitors are happy.

Maintaining your eCommerce website is not just about checking your product inventory and it involves a lot of activities. Obviously, handling all these tasks on your own is not feasible for you. Therefore, it is essential that you outsource your eCommerce website maintenance work to the players in the market and watch your website grow and thrive in the competitive market.

What is the best thing to do if your website lags?

Ways To Fix Your Slow-Loading Site:

  • Check Loading Speed
  • Enable Caching
  • Remove Resource-Hogging Plugins and Add-ons
  • Optimize and Reduce the Size of Your Images
  • Minimize Your Code
  • Use a CDN
Does the eCommerce website need regular maintenance?

Yes, maintaining your website regularly is essential for every business. It is true that whatever eCommerce website you are running, you will need to perform regular checkups on it to avoid it from misbehaving or malfunctioning.

To maintain your website professionally, you must regularly check for the old products that you do not sell at present or the products that are not available in the inventory. Also, you need to check for the website loading speed, broken links, upgrade modules, and plugins. Besides this, the security of your eCommerce website is equally important and all these issues can be taken care of by opting for eCommerce website maintenance services.

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