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eCommerce Marketplace Management Services

If you are one of the eCommerce business owners looking forward to create a good presence in the eCommerce marketplace, then all you need is eCommerce marketplace management. We at are an online marketplace management company that provides multichannel management services to our clients as per their business and project requirements. We have a team of professionals specifically trained to accurately upload your product data in all the eCommerce marketplaces to grow customer base and revenue.

eCommerce marketplace management services at also helps ecommerce implementation in 3rd party marketplaces. The best thing about us is that we provide solutions and services depending upon the platform that you have chosen to implement. We will not start working on your requirements in hurry and will rather do an in depth analysis and will then come up with a solution that best suits your products.

eCommerce marketplace management professionals at are proficient in creating your product database from a variety of sources including digital/print catalogs, manufacturer’s website and list it on promising and popular marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, PrieMinister,, Overstock, and many more.

eCommerce Marketplace Management

Our Gamut of Multi Channel eCommerce Platform

Amazon Marketplace Management Services

If you are one of the Amazon business owners and want to sell a variety of products on the platform including electronic items, clothes, gadgets, books, games, etc., then you can definitely take our online marketplace management services to boost your sales and revenue.

With our Amazon marketplace management services you will get:

  • Data Correctness

    We believe in repeated checks and revisions to ensure data correctness for ever-changing ranking.

  • A+ content pages

    Our professionals are experts in Amazon A+ Content Writing & setting up creative layouts for Enhanced Brand [EBC] and Enhanced Marketing/A+ pages.

  • Frequent Follow-Ups

    We have a specific team of experts that will help you in following up with Amazon support with respect to the products that have either vague or no relevant categories

  • Easy Fix of Issues

    Our Amazon SEO experts will optimize your product listings & resolve most of your challenging issues including Upload Errors, Suppressed Listings, Quality Alerts, ASIN Conflicts, etc.

  • Bulk Import/Export Listing

    We provide Amazon bulk product Import/Export Listing with multiple product multi-variations and also assist you with marketplace product management.

eBay Marketplace Management Services

Increase your brand awareness and attract the target audience to your web store with our eBay marketplace management services. Our experts will help you in achieving the desired sales figures and revenue.

With our eBay marketplace management services you will get:

  • Relevant Sales Template

    Our experts will assist you in choosing relevant eBay sales templates.

  • Improved Sales Figures

    Our experts are trained well to research your competition and tracking metrics that will improve your sales figures and revenue.

  • Product Categorization

    We provide product categorization across multiple sub-categories [nearly 18000] - editing & reorganizing category hierarchy.

  • Seller Dashboard Management

    We have a professional team of experts that are well-trained to manage Seller Dashboard for Listing optimization, Order Management, Shipment Management, and Account Standard Management.

Walmart Marketplace Management Services

Quickly grow your marketplace revenue and improve your customer acquisition rates ensuring maintained and managed stock levels at Walmart.

With our Walmart marketplace management services you will get:

  • Catalog Management

    Our experts are well-trained to manage your catalog which will keep your product listings compliant with Walmart listing standards.

  • Price Parity

    We will maintain the price parity of your product listings on the platform to avoid Walmart penalization.

  • Fulfill Demands

    We will assist you in fulfilling Walmart demands to maintain seller reputation and history of reliable fulfillment.

  • Frequent Follow-ups

    We will assist you in detailed email follow-ups for Walmart Seller Support.

  • Optimized Listings

    Our team of experts will optimize product listings with UPCs that were already published on Walmart.

Newegg Marketplace Management Services

Rely on our team for daily monitoring, constant analysis, reporting, and strategic guidance for performance improvements and long-term success.

With our Newegg marketplace management services you will get:

  • Updated Product Information

    We will provide online marketplace inventory management to improve your sales figures by regularly updating product data and on the platform.

  • Simplified Product Listing

    We are experts in creating product data feeds that simplify the product listing creation and management process.

  • Bulk Uploads

    Our team of professionals is trained well to handle bulk product uploads using formats like CSV, XML, XLS, or Tab-delimited.

  • Smart Account Handling

    We are experts in handling accounts smartly especially during seasonal variations.

Rakuten Marketplace Management Services

Boost your sales figures and increase your online presence throughout domestic and international marketplaces with our Rakuten marketplace management services.

With our Rakuten marketplace management services you will get:

  • Personalized Experience

    We believe in providing personalized merchant storefronts, URLs, and product pages according to the client’s project and business requirements. This helps our clients get what they really expect from us.

  • Catalog Diversification

    We are experts in performing in depth market research and providing catalog diversification to improve sales figures and revenue.

  • Events Management

    We have experts that will take care of your sales events to enhance your brand visibility in the competitive market and boost your sales figures.

  • Media Upload

    We will assist you in uploading media images, support videos, and HTML data for CPP – Custom Product Pages.

Houzz Marketplace Management Services

Quickly grow your target audience and increase your brand value with the exposure that we will provide via our services on the platform.

With our Houzz marketplace management services you will get:

  • Exposure

    Our professionals use Houzz layout schemes and idea books to help you get the much-needed exposure to grow your target audience and increase your brand value in the market.

  • Product Assortments

    We are experts in creating product assortments across different but related product categories.

  • Timed Delivery

    Our professionals will assist you in creating alerts and reminders for your orders which will help you in delivering products to your customers on time.

  • Customer Support

    We will assist you in following Houzz customer support to get the approval of edited product listings which will ultimately save your time for other important activities.

Sears Marketplace Management Services

Manage your day-to-day eCommerce business activities with eCommerce marketplace management services provided by us. We will assist and manage your activities on the Sears platform to boost your sales and revenue.

With our Sears marketplace management services you will get:

  • Handling Commission Rates

    Our professionals will assist you in handling the changes in the seller commission rates to track accurate profit margins and business revenue.

  • Fixing Management Issues

    We are experts in managing non-shipping day management issues to ease your entire order management process.

  • Probation Period Assistance

    Our experts will help you in providing assistance during the seller’s probation period.

  • Frequent Follow-Ups

    We will assist you in following up on escalations that are related to the suspension of selling rights.

  • Categorization

    We are experts in the proper categorization of products and therefore ensure proper categorization across 20 major categories.

Etsy Marketplace Management Services

Get optimized product listings and accurate product categorization with our Etsy marketplace management services.

With our Etsy marketplace management services you will get:

  • Optimized Product Listings

    Get your product listings optimized with us to make your products rank higher on the search engine. This will increase your target audience, improve your sales figures and boost your online presence in the market.

  • Product Categorization

    With decades of experience, we are experts in product categorization and therefore ensure correct product categorization across 20 major categories.

  • Content Moderation

    Our experts are trained well for content moderation and can moderate content as per the requirement for subtle branding in a brand-diluted platform.

Multichannel eCommerce Management Services

If you are one of the eCommerce business owners who are trying to expand in the 3rd party marketplaces then all you need is a good implementation strategy that will help you boost your sales figures and maximize your business profits.

With our Multichannel eCommerce management services, you can enhance your product visibility making them easily visible to your target audience. Multichannel eCommerce management services also help in increasing your brand visibility and attract your target audience to your web store. Our experts will assist you in providing a good strategy and building an optimal solution that will help you stand out and stay away from the market competition.

We have provided multi channel marketplace management services to our global client base and the strategies developed by us have helped our clients in expanding their businesses in the most competitive marketplace. We are experts in providing the right solution for your business as we do in-depth market research keeping in mind our client’s requirements.

Following services are offered by us:

  • Product Listing

    We support you in listing your items for sale on online marketplaces by carefully selecting the right listing category or creating customized item listings for unlisted items. We coin effective titles to best represent your product and upload product description along with image/video editing and uploading.

  • Product Image Editing and Uploading

    We offer eCommerce image editing and image enhancement services and can customize your product images for thumbnail, normal and zoom-in view. We ensure your images are high-resolution with clear or white background, focused, bright with optimal file size for quick page downloads.

  • Product description

    We have a team of professionals that are specifically trained well to write detailed and accurate product descriptions for your products. Providing detailed and accurate information on the product information page helps in attracting the target audience and increase sales figures.

  • Inventory Management

    We apprise you with the inventory-specific details for your items while listing on the marketplaces of your choice stating restock dates and the lead-time required for shipping a given item from the date of order.

  • Order Processing

    We support you in accurately and speedily processing your complete order information, examining the availability status of requested items, tracking the customer credit position, generating invoice and order status reporting, etc.

  • Channel Analytics

    We help you gain channel insights and analysis of conversion paths to better adapt your marketplace strategy and promotions.

  • Customer Support

    We keep your customers informed about inventory status, back-ordered, packed, shipped and exact date of delivery. We also inform and interact with the customers in the event of order postponement or substitution.

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We are an online marketplace management company that provides multichannel eCommerce management services to our clients as per their business and project requirements. We have decades of experience in providing eCommerce Marketplace management services and have been serving our global client base for years now. We have a huge customer base worldwide and most of our clients stick with us as they get the expected results by taking our online marketplace management services.

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There is no specific online marketplace that you can consider as the best and you can choose a marketplace wisely depending upon your business model and products and services that you want to sell. Before choosing an online marketplace, always look for geography, how popular your product category is, integrations, and the commission structure of the marketplace. By considering these factors you can definitely end up choosing the best marketplace for your business.

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce website where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties.

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Working with the SunTec team has been a tremendous benefit to my online business. The manner in which they accomplished the task of uploading items to sears marketplace in record time and with complete accuracy shows that their processes are well controlled. I am greatly impressed with their skill set, eye for detail and work integrity. Thank you SunTec! Keep up with the existing good work.

Jacqueline Thackeray

Director of Business Development

Department stores and other general merchandise stores

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