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eCommerce Customer Support & Management Services

The sole purpose of any online retailer is to maintain a steady sales volume. But, this cannot actually be achieved without a strong customer support. Be it order processing, inventory management, or after-sale service, every support function needs to be in sync with the front-end activities. To accomplish this, you require a dedicated team of professionals who are adept at delivering smooth and swift customer support services.

We, at SunTecIndia.net, render online customer support services to facilitate the smooth management of your customer interactions. Our domain experts provide unique and personalized real-time assistance to bring about a positive impact on your conversions, boost customer responsiveness, and ensure customer retention.

Online Customer Support Services

Live Chat Support - For Better Conversion & Retention

Both your prospective as well as repeat customers have a lot of questions before and after a purchase. To maintain a steady flow of sales you have to give satisfactory answers to these questions in real-time. The eCommerce chat support representatives at SunTecIndia.net can effectively resolve all kinds of purchase queries that your customers might have. Additionally, we help your customers complete their purchase, and increase the satisfaction levels. The aim of our eCommerce customer management services is to build a strong and loyal customer base for you.

With over a decade of experience in delivering integrated eCommerce support management services to a wide variety of eCommerce players, our proficient customer support team renders 24/7 live chat support. They are trained to give quick and accurate responses to all your prospects and customers. We answer all types of customer queries, be it shipping, returns, or product information. Our eCommerce contact representatives instill a sense of confidence in online shoppers and turn them into loyal customers.

eCommerce Telephone Support Services - For Prompt Responses To All Customer Queries

Half of your battle will be won if you respond to your customers on time and give accurate and relevant answers to their queries. Our telephone-based customer support proves to be of immense help in ensuring a better conversion rate and giving a great impression about your customer service. Our support staff is capable of answering any last-minute queries, providing information on your products' return policy, and other crucial details a customer intends to know. Our expertise lies in handling all your customer queries resolving the issues in the very first go. With SunTecIndia.net, your customers get personalized answers to their queries 24x7.

We, at SunTecIndia.net, know what it takes to fulfil the needs of a customer and ensure that sensitive information of your customers, such as credit card details, are taken with complete data protection protocols. Our well-trained support staff can also take your brand image to the next level.

eCommerce Customer Email Support - For Round-The-Clock Assistance

With SunTecIndia.net, you get to leverage the extensive experience of our eCommerce customer email support staff. We render round the clock email support services and ensure prompt responses to all customer queries with regard to the products you offer, shipment, or your products' return policy. Our team of dedicated email support service operators go through every email of your customers and promptly respond to them. We ensure disseminating only the relevant information on the queries raised and addressing every aspect of the mail accurately.

Our email customer service operators emphasize on giving personalized reply to every customer query with utmost diligence and dedication.

Learn more about the prowess, competencies, and hands-on-experience of our eCommerce customer service experts. Email us at info@suntecindia.net and benefit from our personalized live chat, phone, and email support services.

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Quite impressed with SunTecIndia.net's customer support services. The support staff employs a prompt approach to handling customers' queries. They helped us add value to our customer support services, thereby meeting the expectations of our customers. Thanks for all the help.

Charles Dolan


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