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Client Testimonials works hard to deliver solutions that are 100% perfect to our valued clients to help them meet their goals. Following are just a few of the tremendously encouraging things our customers have to say about us…

SunTec has helped our web presence growth immensely.  It will take a little bit of time to learn what information you need to supply them with to get the proper results that you want.  But once you have a good working relationship with the team you're assigned, things go very smooth.

Generally, I will email over a spreadsheet with part numbers, pricing, weights, and categories and then give them the link to the manufacturer's website for photos, descriptions, etc. and they will do 50-70 items per day (night time for us).  In the beginning, you may want to do an example product first so that they see how you would like this information to look, especially if you have different attributes such as size, color, etc.

Honestly, our business wouldn't be where it is today with out

-- Jay White
Zen cart product upload Services,  Zen cart data entry Services

The professional relationship with our SunTec content team has proven to be beneficial beyond our expectations. The lines of communication with our SunTec project manager are always open and very effective, and the quality of work completed by the team is consistently of a high quality that meets our standards. There is no way we could easily manage the work volume required to keep our site current without the efforts of Suntec. We look forward to a continued successful working relationship with our SunTec content team and would be comfortable recommending SunTec to others.

Jim K. Pettinato
Web Content Manager Product Upload Services,  Data Entry Services

SunTec helped us to save cost and time on some challenging projects. They have met all our deadlines and their representatives are easy to deal with. Big thanks to SunTec for making our web design and data entry business more streamlined.

--Richard Goldman, CEO,
a U.S. based Market Research company

We have had a very satisfying and fruitful partnership with for last 3 years. They have developed a good understanding of our business and the team is highly involved with my project. Their Work shift which fits just perfectly within my business schedule, is also a plus.

I can honestly say that I am absolutely happy with the performance and deliveries of I would be pleased to endorse SunTec to any company who wishes to work with them.

Thank you SunTec!

Cynthia Ressemann
Owner ,
Hobby Articles, Music and Book Store

We wanted our Xcart shop to be populated with thousands of items in a short time and needed someone who could do it without charging a fortune. When we gave them the work we knew that the target was too steep to meet, however, they assured us that the job will be done and the deadline will be met. Although we were a bit skeptical, their self-confidence inspired trust in us and we decided to go with them. Not only did SunTec complete the work before the deadline, they did it with absolute accuracy, precision, and lot better than what we expected.

SunTec is a bunch of dinky die people who deliver what they promise. We would recommend them to anyone for x-cart product upload services.

Audrianna Banfield
Owner of Online Apparel Store, Australia

Your team has been doing a great job for us in zen cart product upload and we will definitely continue with you going forward. Your team could help us solve many of our Zen Cart issues including adding additional categories, assigning right product categories and attributes, setting up individual shipping charges per item, and many such things. We are happy not only with the expertise of your zen cart team but also with the customer support we have received. Thanks.

Nick Boyce,
Online Store Owner for Home Furnishings and Accessories

A quick note to let you know that working with you has been an incredible experience. We have worked with a few Indian companies before, and let me tell you that none of them demonstrated the degree of professionalism that you did. You have a highly responsive and efficient team there who have thorough knowledge about ecommerce in general and NetSuite product entry in particular.

I can’t thank you enough for your exemplary efforts to deliver my work within the deadline. I thoroughly enjoyed our partnership and wish you every success. Good luck!

Andrew Peters
Owner, Online Store for specialist tennis equipment, Brisbane, Australia

Hello Satish

I am very pleased with the accuracy of your Volusion Product entry- it is nearly perfect :)

More than that, I’d like to appreciate the insight and imagination that your team uses when it comes to ascribing product variations and personalization, and making skillful use of Volusion Attributes. They have also acquired a good idea as when to group items together; enter alternatives, and when it is best to have the items stand alone. Also, the team is very responsive to feedback.

We are happy to recommend your Volusion data entry services.

Ashley Harding
Toys & Baby items Store, Texas, USA

It has always been great to work with They take complete responsibility of the project and make sure it is done accurately and on-time. Their customer service is excellent and their prices are modest. These qualities have been extremely beneficial to me as a client. Thank you SunTec!

David Lavinsky
Chief, Business Planning Division,
Home Electronics and Appliance Store

Our relationship with eCommerce Solutions started in a small way with a Yahoo Data Entry job, way back in 2005. Ever since then, we have already partnered over 2 large eCommerce website development projects. It’s a personal pleasure for me to see that has grown and has gradually emerged as an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider responding to all my retailing needs right from setting up my online store to adding extensions and working on optimizing my store. In fact, I would not have even begun listing on comparison shopping engines like Google Product Search or selling in marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, had it not been for their sound advic.

I much appreciate their support over all these years, especially for freeing me to focus on my core business.

Richard Greene
Leading Home Appliances Co., UK

We have been working with for over a year now and found the entire process from designing the initial website to integrating Wordpress blog to going live, very smooth.

The team at has a wonderful knowledge in eCommerce Website Designing and Magento shopping cart. Their designers and developers were fabulous in Photoshop, InDesign and PHP5, and their marketing team could help us with On-page SEO and conversion optimization. We really like our new website. It’s bringing in new customers and our sales are on the rise. SunTec, your services are indeed value for money.

Andrew Wright
Executive Vice President,
General Merchandise, Vermont, USA

Please give your team a well done for me. My Magento based eCommerce website is coming together really nicely.

Stephen Young,
Head of Business Development,
Online Sporting Goods Retailer

As we were planning to expand our online business, turned out to be a terrific partner. Getting started with them on our Magento eCommerce platform has been very smooth. They fully customized our Magento Shopping cart both aesthetically and functionally.

SunTec also helped us with Catalog Management, Order Management, Checkout, Payment and Shipping. They also incorporated multiple Marketing Promotions and Tools and optimized our site for search engine alongside configuring support for multiple currencies. Their team of Magento shopping cart Developers is indeed so competent that they seem to be completely in control of magento E-Commerce platform. As a client, we found their quick responsiveness and on-time delivery, simply invaluable.

Thank you SunTec!

Patricia Miller
Business Affairs Supervisor
Home Furnishings eCommerce Store, Callifornia, USA has been a superb experience to our company. Right from developing our customized osCommerce website and incorporating multi-currency display features and allowing selling different items in different countries to adding blog and newsletter and making it easy to edit for our non-technical staff, SunTec team made sure that they made the correct assessment of our requirements and produced the right solutions. They were highly involved and put in efforts to learn about our business.

We continue to work with them on our product entry work for this site and they have been a great support. I highly recommend them.

Steve Castro-Wright
Chief Technology Officer,
Computer & Electronics Store

I approached with a very specific requirement as I was planning to build my eBay Storefront and needed a template that would be just appropriate for selling luxury brands and plus-sized clothing for sophisticated middle aged women, but nothing drab or flamboyant. To our comfort and satisfaction, they had direct eBay experience and could present us with their eBay portfolio.

From the beginning, SunTec seemed to be in complete control of the situation, knowing exactly what was required of them. They were open and straightforward in their communication with us and offered us a really attractive eBay template design with customized categories and merchandising features.

We are very happy with the final result and would gladly recommend to anyone looking for such a Solution.

Michelle Baker
Senior Vice President and Controller
Online Apparel Store

It was my good discretion to use for my eCommerce Marketing Services. They have continuously met and exceeded my expectations; have remained on time and within budget. They have an in-depth understanding in eCommerce marketing and optimization. More importantly, they have a skilled and experienced team who were really easy to work wi

SunTec has also been one of the most direct and ethical companies I have ever worked with - a true example of how an SEO company should be conducting. You can any day trust your online store marketing project to the team at

Nicole Flipsen,
Sales Director,
Home Appliances Co., Australia

The finely researched review that your writers created for my plumbing fixtures and hardware lived entirely up to my expectations, even exceeded. I was indeed thrilled to see them on Yahoo Shopping, Price Grabber, and on other such sites, besides my blog.

Unbiased and uniquely written reviews by your team have positively incited interest among my visitors. I will certainly recommend my friends to use your custom review writing services as it really helps your items stand out. Thank You.

James B Hatfield
Luxury Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware

SunTec stepped in at a time when our small company was experiencing a growth spurt and the management and administrative efforts for our online store had to grow in sync. They took complete charge of our customer purchase orders Process. They reviewed and verified customer order information, Updated daily sales bookings and delivery records, etc.

SunTec was instrumental in helping us maintain positive customer relations by promptly responding to customers’ enquiries on delivery issues. I would recommend to any company with order tracking and fulfillment needs.

Greg A. Baer
Senior VP, Merchandising & Operations

It’s been a while that we have been working with collaborating with them in converting our manual catalog into digitized format compatible with our Magento store and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them.

I have always found them working in a concerted fashion and constantly updating their techniques and processes in defining relevant categories and developing attributes. I also appreciate their willingness to answer any of my technical queries.

Jack Sullivan
eCommerce Store for office furniture

We are very happy with SunTec’s capabilities in Magento product upload, and their problem solving skills. Even in somewhat complex situation like moving our entire catalog from our previous Magento eCommerce site to our new magento storefront on another server, they worked with considerable ease and accuracy maintaining categories, product type and configurable product relationships and images.

I have loved working with team for their speed, accuracy, and quality in product entry for our Magento store for all of these 3 years. Furthermore, they are always ready to go the extra mile and have been responsive all the time.

Ross Sanders
VP Business Development,
Multi brand eCommerce store

We have been a client of for 3 years. And that has quite literally saved our staff the painstaking labor of importing items to our osCommerce based shop. The team at has always come up with high quality work. They work wonderfully at editing the product images. They have an eye for detail and good understanding of SEO. Their response time is brilliant as is their customer support.

Every bit of our decision to work with has been completely justified not only in terms of cost and resource effectiveness but also in terms of keeping us hassle free.

Douglas A Heires
Business Operations Manager,
Online Shop for Lighting fixtures, Canada

I initially chose to work with for product entry work for my yahoo store. As they had considerable knowledge working in yahoo store csv sheets, I could get my job done right and efficiently. They never minded the extra effort required in extracting the information from supplier's website or other retail sites.

SunTec team has been smart and in complete know-how of things. So I never have to spend much time explaining every step to them. They are already in-charge of four of my commerce stores that need product updates on a weekly basis and are queued up for data entry of new items for another 2 stores which I am soon to start.

I definitely recommend to any ecommerce store.

Raymond Perez
Candies and Processed Food

Working with the SunTec team has been a tremendous benefit to my online business. The manner in which they accomplished the task of uploading items to sears marketplace in record time and with complete accuracy shows that their processes are well controlled. I am greatly impressed with their skill set, eye for detail and work integrity. Thank you SunTec! Keep up with the existing good work.

Jacqueline Thackeray
Director of Business Development
Department stores and other general merchandise stores

Hi SunTec team,

Thanks for the all the time and effort you guys put into your product listings.

I must also say that before I started to work with your team I was never very happy with outsourcing my amazon product upload job. You guys have completely changed my perception. Your listings and formatting is always perfect. Your turnaround time in quickly uploading the Product Images has been fabulous. Moreover, you have also activated and finely adjusted all the settings for my website. Again - THANK YOU

Richard J. Singer
General Manager
Online store for Healthy Snack Food

We asked to create a listing on eBay for our kitchen and bathroom accessories. We provided them with images of each of our items and requested them to substantially refine the images and conduct an online research to write a thorough description of our items. The listings that they created for online auction within a short time were of an excellent standard. We are very happy with their customer service and their deliveries.

Clifford Lopez
Inventory Manager,
Kitchen and bathroom accessories Store, UK came in handy in crating my eBay turbo lister database from the excel spreadsheet I had with me. Transferring around 45,000 items to the ebay turbo lister database together with all the required information (including categories, sizes, variations, etc.) was one mammoth task. They worked very efficiently and met all deadlines.

And most importantly, despite being an overseas outsourcing company, SunTec was always so responsive as if they were working next door. Thanks SunTec, I will use you for all our product upload projects.

Samuel Sanchez
Sr. Manager,
Multi-brand Store, Canada

I would like to tell you that I am tremendously pleased with the fantastic product descriptions that you wrote for my ebay listings. It makes my items look far superior and sell better than the competition.

Paul W. Ambrose
VP, Marketing
Home & Garden Equipment

Despite all its complexity, I want to tell you how fabulous my jewelry images have turned out after your editing. The images look flawless and very enchanting in their transparent background. They are completely at par with any of those featured in top fashion jewellery websites. Many thanks for helping me enhance the look of my items, something that is so special to me.

Mary Evans
High Fashion Jewelry Store

Thank you for preparing us to launch our wine and liquor store and hold a firm footing beside our competitors. All your work has produced excellent results for me. Your competitor price tracking has helped me to target my key competitors and their specific product lines to precisely calibrate my own prices to increase sales. Your help is much appreciated.

James B Debeuneure
Online Beer, wine and liquor Store

Working with on my Magento Data Migration project has been like working with an ecommerce provider next door to me. They carefully scoped the project right from designing and developing the Magento platform to migrating the data, categories, items, orders, pricing variables, etc. from my previous osCommerce Store to Magento and executed it most accurately. More importantly they were always on time and proactive in communications, saving us considerable time and money.

Thank you SunTec, I shall always employ your services for all our eCommerce needs.

Daniel N Caballero
eCommerce Store

We have had a very satisfying and fruitful partnership with for last 3 years. They have developed a good understanding of our business and the team is highly involved with my project. Their Work shift which fits just perfectly within my business schedule, is also a plus.

I can honestly say that I am absolutely happy with the performance and deliveries of I would be pleased to endorse SunTec to any company who wishes to work with them.

Thank you SunTec!

Cynthia Ressemann
Hobby Articles, Music and Book Store, California

We utilized to bulk-upload our items to Magento version 1.6 webstore via a csv file. We had a very large batch of items with corresponding images in the csv file. It was a complex project from the start as my previous outsourcing agency had encountered problems in simultaneously importing items with their image display.

The great challenges we had faced so far during our magento mass product upload were easily resolved by support, also because they had previous experience of working in this version. They were very prompt and stood by the schedule.

No other eCommerce solutions company came close to meeting our requirements. not only met our expectations but exceeded it.

Wallace Allen
Operations Manager,
Online Hardware Store for Home & Garden

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to you. My name is Christopher Leon and I am the general manager for TSC an eCommerce Store that you provide a service to. This email is to inform you of the asset that your employee has been to me and my company. There is a language barrier but he has done everything he can to overcome this and also has worked so very hard for us. I would like to help this individual get a promotion and a boost in his career.

Christopher Leon
General Manager,
Specialty Stores for Hardware and Home Improvement

Hi Abdul, Thanks for the update. My ecommerce website has been working so much smoother from the time you have taken over the maintenance and up-gradation work.

Great support – really pleased with the work you have done.

Regards, Nigel
Fashion Studio

Dear Team SunTec, This email is to thank you all for an outstanding job you have done and still do for us in optimizing my Magento based store, right from handling our queries, responding promptly to working rigorously on our website, increasing our Google page rank and helping us enjoy an increased influx of customers.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and we wish to express it direct to you. Again, thank you.
Best regards,

Bernard C Brown
President – IBCI
Industrial Battery & Charger

Hi, I was thrilled to notice that the SEO work for my Yahoo Store is coming along really well and I can gauge its effect in the increased number of enquiries that I have been receiving these days. Thank you for that.

Julian T Cooper
Sales manager,
New York based Home Appliances Company

Thank you SunTec! We had a great time working with you. Your insight into product optimization and marketing including optimizing the content and images, developing product attributes, and reviewing the checkout process was highly appreciable. And above all, your ability to convert them into actionable recommendations was both useful and commendable. You have really helped us achieve our conversion goals. Thank you again for that.

Gerald B Fisher
e-commerce site offering car accessories

Ever since I have been associated with for the marketing needs of my eCommerce Store, I have experienced a visible increase in quality sales leads for my company. SunTec has in reality turned our business around. Because of their expert SEO team, we have now first page placement for all our major keywords. This has resulted in a 2 fold increase in our website traffic as well as enquiries we receive through the ‘contact us’ page.

I am very happy with the results I obtained for my website. I strongly recommend marketing and promotions services of SunTec for online stores.

James Ferguson
Managing Director
General merchandise store

Just checked the configuration of Google checkout into my site – great work. I am really pleased that it’s been integrated. Thank you very much for turning around this work so quickly. Marketing team is very happy with the quality of the output.
Many thanks

Mario Donovan
VP, Sales
Computer and software store

Thanks for the tremendous value that you and your team have created for us through your customer support services. I was absolutely impressed with your support team’s understanding of the issues and the promptness with which they respond to customer queries. You have not only helped us better meet our customer’s expectations but also cut costs by more than half. Thanks again for all your help.

Charles Dolan
Sporting Goods & Accessories Store

Working with SunTec has been a real pleasure. The expertise possessed by Ravi and his staff is irreplaceable. With their knowledge and expertise in online promotions, they have brought our company to the forefront of our commercial real estate industry. We certainly are receiving more visitors to our website, more enquiries and more sales - all being owed to Suntec. Thanks!

Yeneneh Betru
Manager- Business Line Development
Real Estate Website

We hired SunTec to assist us with our Google Data Feed submissions. They truly are experts in managing data feeds. What I liked most about them was their adherence to the stipulated schedule. That always kept my feeds up to date. SunTec understands Google marketing of your store very well and gave us some really good ideas to improve our performance in this area. We are very pleased to recommend

Sarah Clark,
Asst. General Manager, Marketing
Online Bridal Boutique

Thank you SunTec for all the work you have done with me over the last 2 years on our ecommerce marketing strategy. You were really fast and efficient in creating comparison feeds at shopping engines, extrapolating data from my Volusion store, and further refining and optimizing it. I am delighted to recommend you.

William Caswell
Art Sales and Custom Framing

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