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A highly-converting product page offers much more than a title, image and a couple of benefits. In online selling, a simple description won't do any good, unless it is supported by an engaging design, seamless UI/UX and product copy that intrigues the visitor from the word go. In order to sell, of course, you will need a product copy that is compelling enough to nudge your visitors to make a purchase. Product descriptions written in a professional tone grab a lot more attention than the ones written in a casual, unprofessional language.

Catalog Product Descriptions Writing

Give power to your descriptions and convert your potential buyers into loyal customers with the help of our eCommerce product description writers. We, at, take immense care in writing product copies that capture a visitor's attention and make sure that they are free from any grammatical or typographical errors. We have vast years of experience in delivering professional eCommerce product description writing services for online stores as well as marketplaces. Our product description copywriters ensure thorough editing, rewriting and proofreading of your product copies and subsequently cut down on the time your business might consume to get more conversions.

Key Ingredients Of A Perfect Product Copy

Since your prospects don't have physical access to the products you intend to sell, it becomes imperative to build a product copy that's informative, persuasive, and helps them make a well-informed purchase decision. The product descriptions showcased on popular eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Houzz, Walmart, and must entail all the features, benefits and relevant information that they can rely on, otherwise you might lose your potential buyers.

When the descriptions are written by a professional copywriter, chances are that you will get to present your content cogently to your target audience and therefore sell more products to them.

Here are the essential traits of an ideal product copy:

  • More than just describing the products, product description writing must act as a catalyst in positioning your brand and building a unique brand identity for your business.
  • Your product copy should do the talking for you! It should be specific to the segment you are targeting. Talk to the audience and tell them how and why they need your products.
  • DIsseminate only the relevant information to the visitors. Explain the features and highlight the key benefits of the products to clearly elucidate how your buyers can benefit from them.
  • An eCommerce product description writer must make the descriptions scannable for better assimilation.
  • Make use of clear and simple language and present product information in a succinct form.

An ideal product description entails unique and engaging content with an easy-to-understand language. Get your product descriptions cut through the noise by entrusting us with your product description writing requirements. We deliver original, error-free descriptions that give your sales the much-needed boost.

Catalog Product Descriptions Writing

Let our specialized professionals take care of your catalog product descriptions Writing with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. A powerful and creative copywriting for your catalog product description writing helps boost sales and attract conversions.

Skeptical About Outsourcing Product Description Writing?

Concerned about the risks involved in outsourcing product description writing? Give a thought to these alternatives:

  • You take it up all by yourself and detract your attention from your core business.
  • You resort to manufacturer descriptions and lose out on benefits from SEO.
  • You hire a novice writer and end up getting run of the mill product descriptions for which you will have to pay anyway.

So can you afford to ruin your brand identity by settling for any of these alternatives? Of course not! At, we ensure that all your requirements are briefly explained to our product copywriters and you'll be rather surprised to see how perfectly they fit the bill. Our content writing experts make sure that you get the desired descriptions within a quick turnaround time and your budget.

Hire Our Product Description Writers To Empower Your Product Copies

A product description must be written in a way that furnishes all the relevant information about the products to your potential buyers. Our proficient team of eCommerce copywriters opens opportunities for growth for you by presenting the key features and benefits in an intriguing manner. This way buyers can actually have a better idea of what they are buying and make a well-informed decision. specializes in delivering unique, relevant and lucid product descriptions for online stores as well as marketplaces through our high-end catalog copywriting services. Avail our SEO product description writing services to win your potential customers and drive more sales. Here's what our product description copywriting experts bring to the table:

  • Giving meaning to your product descriptions with our industry-specific prowess in writing compelling product copies
  • Providing unique, well-researched and well-structured descriptions to engage your potential buyers
  • Ensuring error-free product copies with our quality assurance team consisting of product copyeditors
  • Adding a unique tone to the descriptions for a distinguished brand identity
  • Giving prominence to every aspect of a product description, be it the key features, important benefits, specifications, or functionalities
  • Incorporating relevant and most searched keywords to boost products' rankings in search results
  • Making the descriptions all the more persuasive and easy to understand
  • Assigning a dedicated project manager and copywriting expert to your project

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Our team of e-commerce product description writers helps you to spell out your offerings in a clear, effective and appealing tone. We deliver high-quality product descriptions in the shortest time possible. Get started by dropping a mail at

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