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Client: Smart Images
Business: Online retailer of Digital Imaging Software & Hardware


Client Background

Established in 2008, Smart Images offers extensive solutions for imaging and photography essentials, including wide-format printers, imaging software, monitors, colour management solutions and graphics tablets. Operated by a team of expert photography professionals, Smart Images offers its customers support and guidance in making their business decision along with competitive pricing.

Client Requirements

Mired by economic downturn and tough competition from other Digital Imaging Software & Hardware retailers, our client, ‘Smart Images’ wanted to achieve visibility and maximize their revenue. To enhance their online outreach to their prospective customer pool, client sought to offer a superior user experience to individuals visiting and buying imaging tools and software, minimize abandoned shopping carts and enhance their overall sales conversion ratio.

Our Solution

Through’s long and multifaceted relationship with the client on previous projects, viz., customizing their eCommerce website and efficient product upload and management, the company was well-aware of our capabilities and strong domain expertise in end-to-end eCommerce solutions including SEO and eCommerce marketing for Online Stores that we successfully delivered to other clients. helped the client, ‘Smart Images’ with exhaustive eCommerce Marketing and search engine optimization including analysis and optimization of their eCommerce Website, aggressive link building campaign, and social media marketing to support them in drawing qualified traffic to their webstore.

Our eCommerce Marketing services primarily entailed:

  • Complete keyword analysis and comprehensive review of the backlinks and instances of the Smart Images website.
  • Reviewed their site architecture to produce better links, anchor text and compelling page content
  • Supported the client in optimizing their product page through effective Link building to category pages and product pages, Keyword-centric unique product description and product review writing, and Product Image optimization
  • We helped the client optimally Merchandise their Products on their Home page (in this case landing page also) with visually appealing items and arranging them to appear in a preferential order as in “Featured”, “Sale”, “Most Viewed”, etc. sections to tempt the shoppers with superior inventory and best prices.
  • We skillfully edited and enhanced product images, reduced file size for quick page downloads, Facilitated Product zooming so that prospective buyers can closely examine the items and added Alt and title tags for Product Image Search Optimization.
  • We promoted client’s eCommerce Store through effective Social Media Marketing campaign by submitting their website “Smart Images” link to social bookmarking sites that are indexed and attributed ‘Do Follow’. We made quality Directory Submissions. We also posted articles and blog comments to enable our client with great visitor inflow to boost their link popularity.
  • Website Analytics and Reporting: We keep a close watch and regularly review the Keyword rankings to make necessary amendments and thereby maintain the competitive edge.

Result’s SEO and eCommerce Marketing solutions brought both immediate as well as long-term benefits to the Client. Our expertise not only helped ‘Smart Images’ rank higher in SERP and improved the inflow of targeted traffic, but also greatly optimized their conversion process.

Our Client ‘Smart Images’ experienced a marked increase in webstore Traffic rank for top search queries:

Top Search Queries for Impact % of Search Traffic
nik software High 30.82%
Wacom Cintiq High 5.13%
Cintiq 21ux High 4.21%
niksoftware> Medium 3.09%
nec spectraview Medium 3.06%

Here are the results for the most strategic keywords and key phrases:

Keyword for Rankings in Before SEO Rankings in After SEO Page in After SEO
Spyder studio 3 Not in Top 50 3 1
colormunki Not in Top 50 7 1
nec spectraview Not in Top 50 8 1
Nik software complete collection Not in Top 50 8 1
Silver Efex Pro 2 Not in Top 50 9 1
Wacom Cintiq Not in Top 50 12 2
Cintiq 21 UX Not in Top 50 12 2
Cintiq 24hd Not in Top 50 15 2
Epson Stylus Pro 7900 Not in Top 50 18 2


  •’s SEO and eCommerce Marketing drive helped the client achieve high Ranking in search engines and support their targeted traffic building campaign
  • promoted brand awareness and provided an appealing and informative shopping experience to its clients
  • Minimized abandoned shopping carts and enhanced the overall sales conversion ratio.

For more information contact:

Client Speak

Our relationship with eCommerce Solutions started in a small way with a Yahoo Data Entry job, way back in 2005. Ever since then, we have already partnered over 2 large eCommerce website development projects. It’s a personal pleasure for me to see that has grown and has gradually emerged as an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider responding to all my retailing needs right from setting up my online store to adding extensions and working on optimizing my store. In fact, I would not have even begun listing on comparison shopping engines like Google Product Search or selling in marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, had it not been for their sound advice.

I much appreciate their support over all these years, especially for freeing me to focus on my core business.

Richard Greene


Leading Home Appliances Co., UK

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