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A Case Study on eCommerce Product Description Writing for a Large Designer Home Accessories Firm in the US

Client’s Business: Internet retailer of lighting and home accessories and décor

catalog description writing case

Client Background

Our client is dedicated to making good designs in Home Accessories featuring luxurious home accents and décor, accessible to anyone and at any time, ranging from the most modern international designs to current versions of classic design. Offering specialized services in luxury lighting and home fixtures and designer furnishings that are both stylish and modern, our client is a thriving eCommerce retailing firm servicing thousands of private clients in the US and internationally.

Client Requirements

Our client had just come up with a new website to give an added thrust to their home accessories, lighting and furniture sales and revenue generation efforts. The client needed an eCommerce management team to help write unique and compelling product descriptions to define and portray their current inventory of items.

The company's current catalogue contained over 8,000 items and was being fed with a supplementary of approximately 700 items each week. Our client depended heavily on’s end-to-end eCommerce Solutions to research and come up with the most detailed and engaging product descriptions, as it would directly impact the branding of their product and would consequently affect the sales conversion of their items.


A competent team of ten eCommerce product description writers and content editors at had the arduous task of researching and extracting product descriptions from diverse sources, and eventually compose quality and effective product descriptions that would put the client in a flattering spot both with their customers and search engines.

The team, to begin with, accomplished the research and data extraction of the initial 8,000 product descriptions. SunTec completed the task through various reliable online sources including gathering information from the websites of direct manufacturers and official distributors of the corresponding items, and rummaging through the physical catalogues.

The team was able to complete the product description writing based on the exhaustive research of the initial batch within three weeks from the commencement of the project. From here onwards, as we had already accomplished the lion’s share of the work, we carved up the team to half to support the company on an on-going basis to help our client fulfil their weekly new product add-ons.


With the help of our proficient product copywriting professionals, helped the client in completing a project that could have taken months to complete on their own.  We were able to complete the project in a small time frame of a couple of weeks. Our client was also pleased to have found a reliable partner for their on-going requirement for product description and product review writing along with their product data entry needs.

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Client Speak

It has always been great to work with They take complete responsibility of the project and make sure it is done accurately and on-time. Their customer service is excellent and their prices are modest. These qualities have been extremely beneficial to me as a client.

Thank you SunTec!

David Lavinsky

Chief, Business Planning Division,

Home Electronics and Appliance Store

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