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How SunTec improved client’s performance by performing accurate and fast product data upload

Client: Floor My Place
Business: Online retailer of Modern Rugs, Bamboo Wood and Laminate Flooring

product upload case study

Client Background

The client, Floor My Space, has been a flooring retailer since 1995 and deals in hardwood, rug flooring, carpet, bamboo and tiles. The client’s eStore,, is very popular with shoppers seeking to buy excellent flooring material at competitive prices.

Client Requirements

The client, the owner of Floor My Space, wanted us to populate his online store with product data quickly and accurately. Besides catalogs, we were also required to capture product data from the manufacturers’ websites. Alongside product data, the client wanted us to upload and edit product images, add product meta titles and write unique product descriptions. All the product data had to be entered in Excel Spreadsheets.

Our Solution

SunTec’s product data entry specialists took charge of the project and began capturing the product data from relevant sources. Once done with the process they,

  • Populated the relevant fields of the Excel Spreadsheet with product name, quantity, model, product availability and price, weight, quantity and tax class if the item in question happened to be taxable. Besides, they added a set percentage markup to the products. They also added SEO friendly product URLs in order to lead visitors to the product information page.
  • Refined the product attributes by fashioning a master options list that included size, model, instance, version, color, etc. Whenever needed, they added more options to define the products. Once done, they added values against the options.
  • Teamed the product data with the right images. Whenever required, our professionals retouched, resized and cropped the product images. They removed all patches and blemishes from them, performed masking and improved an image’s resolution whenever it was too low.
  • Wrote unique, lucid and persuasive product descriptions. They made sure that each product description is keyword rich.
  • Added ‘specials’ such as special offers, discounts and promotional features.


By making the client’s URLs and product descriptions keyword rich, we made his eStore more search engine friendly. The accuracy and efficiency with which we entered the product data significantly improved the client’s business processes and operational efficiency. This allowed the client enough free time to look for and exploit newer business opportunities. The meticulousness with which we arranged the product data and product attributes made it easier for visitors to locate a particular product on the client’s eStore. This, in turn, markedly improved the eStore’s conversion rates.

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Client Speak

It has always been great to work with They take complete responsibility of the project and make sure it is done accurately and on-time. Their customer service is excellent and their prices are modest. These qualities have been extremely beneficial to me as a client.

Thank you SunTec!

David Lavinsky

Chief, Business Planning Division,

Home Electronics and Appliance Store

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