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Custom and Bespoke eCommerce Website Design by Aids Client Competitively Position Itself

Client: Nursery In Style
Business: Online baby store offering high quality nursery furniture and baby gear.

Website Design Case Study

Client Background

The client, ‘Nursery In Style’ features modern baby furniture pertaining to the nursery of infants and kids. ‘Nursery In Style’ specializes in extensive selection of baby crib bedding with matching nursery furniture, designer diaper bags, baby gear such as strollers, baby carriers, etc. The client offers incredible shopping experience and value for money to their customers.

Client Requirements

Our client, ‘Nursery In Style’ sought an eCommerce store with all the features prevalent in modern eCommerce websites at a reasonable cost. Since the eCommerce Store was targeted at young parents, the client wanted the website to be vivacious, colourful and aesthetically designed with a simple and predictive navigation to engage their customers.

The client wanted to display the store’s items through a catalogue system and integrate it with a dedicated order processing system and payment gateway.

Our Solution built a customized eCommerce Storefront in ZenCart allowing complete control over the static contents and pages of website. We developed an advanced shopping cart facility, displaying categories and brands module, advanced criteria search in the new arrivals and special sales sections in the main menu, and user interaction features like order tracking and Live Chat.

To promote the ‘Nursery In Style’ items to other potential buyers, shoppers can recommend the items to a friend. To further propel the interest of the buyers, we incorporated best sellers in the Gift section. Customers can also sign up to receive plush ‘Nursery In Style’ email newsletter in Text or HTML with its rich graphics and content, as part of the client’s customer retention program.

Platform: ZenCart

Some of the vital features that incorporated in the ‘‘Nursery In Style’’eCommerce website are:

  • Unique and custom template design for the ‘‘Nursery In Style’’ eCommerce website
  • CMS to manage static contents/pages of the website
  • Customizable graphic support for individual sections by incorporating Banner management module to adapt banner on individual product/category pages.
  • Multiple attributes management
  • Brand / manufacture management
  • Product Search Option
  • Multiple images of a single product with zoom-in feature along with product description.
  • Export / Import customer and product data.
  • Integration of order processing system through Stone Edge Order Manager on website. (Stone Edge enables ease-of-use and feature-packed order, inventory, and customer management capabilities)
  • Integration of Multiple Payment Gateways including Paypal and to facilitate ease of payment
  • Live Chat for customer support
  • Gift card facility
  • News Letter management
  • Tell a Friend’ feature

Technologies used:

  • PHP programming language for Server-side HTML embedded scripting
  • MySQL database management system
  • AJAX for creating asynchronous web applications on the client-side
  • XHTML - Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
  • CSS to to describe the presentation semantics


Using Zen Cart, created an eCommerce website completely in sync with the client’s requirements of customized design and functionality, dynamic Shopping Cart and well organized product listing pages to prioritize the site's offerings.


  • ‘Nursery In Style’ can now manage and maintain a complete eCommerce solution
  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Integration of Various Payment Gateways along with security certificate integration
  • User Friendly Interface with easily navigable and interactive Shopping Carts
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction via Live Chat Support, availability of order processing status, etc.

For more information contact:

Client Speak
We have had a very satisfying and fruitful partnership with for last 3 years. They have developed a good understanding of our business and the team is highly involved with my project. Their Work shift which fits just perfectly within my business schedule, is also a plus. I can honestly say that I am absolutely happy with the performance and deliveries of I would be pleased to endorse SunTec to any company who wishes to work with them.

Thank you SunTec!

Cynthia Ressemann


Hobby Articles, Music and Book Store, California

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