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Suntec’s Latest Knowledge of Google’s Products Feed Specification Saves Clients’ Suspension

Monday, September 19, 2011
New Delhi, India

Google Shopping Feed news

Google Data Feed experts at, the end-to-end eCommerce solutions company, keep themselves abreast of changing shopping engine rules and requirements and accordingly appropriate Clients’ comparison shopping engine data feed solutions to save their List of Google Products or Froogle Feed from being barred or penalized.

Team SunTec’s advanced know-how and easy compliance of Google’s requirements and recommendations has not only helped their clients flourish while other were getting banished from showing up in Google Product Search results, it has also qualified them to amass new eCommerce Google Data Feed Clients in the wake of changed Google Products Feed Specification and Program Policies.

Many of’s prominent clients opined that SunTec was successful in a changing Google Data Feed climate because of their commitment to deliver an updated Google Product Feed service.

According to the latest Products Feed Specification charted by Google, if you have your items listed in Google Products Search targeting the United States, France, United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany, etc., it becomes imperative for you to comply with the changes that Google has introduced recently pertaining to the in-stock status of all your items (esp. Availability & Price), a newly added highly advanced attribute - Google Product Category, multiple image links, specific attributes for apparel, and regular updates to maintain the relevancy and freshness of data.

Aiming to enhance the buyers’ experience and facilitate them with quick and easy discoverability of information, failing on any of the regulations laid by Google can lead your items omitted from Google Product Search.

Other important factors were’s perfectly tailored Google base data feeds with immaculately derived product categories and manually submitted Google Merchant Data Feed coupled with enhanced product images and complete Inventory and Order Cycle Management solutions.

Assured by’s clear understanding of Google Product listings and strict adherence to Google’s Feed instructions to successfully pass validation, the newly drawn body of clients are confident of adding value and maximizing their ROI while minimizing (rather eliminating) the risk of facing suspension of their Google Product feed, and look forward to a thriving relationship with the integrated eCommerce Solutions provider.

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About offers end-to-end eCommerce solutions to both existing online sellers and those new to eCommerce including entrepreneurs adding an online channel to their existing brick and mortar shop, facilitating them to set up and run their own online eCommerce store. Create and customize your eCommerce Store, populate it with items, market and optimize and receive ongoing support and maintenance for complementary services – all with end-to-end eCommerce solutions of

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It has always been great to work with They take complete responsibility of the project and make sure it is done accurately and on-time. Their customer service is excellent and their prices are modest. These qualities have been extremely beneficial to me as a client. Thank you SunTec!

David Lavinsky

Chief, Business Planning Division,

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