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Guide to Write Engaging Amazon Product Descriptions

Amazon product description writing services

Products without a proper description have a very low chance of landing in a customer’s cart. These descriptions not only represent your product more attractively but also help you connect with the customers. It is the driving factor for a buyer to choose between hundreds of similar products in the search results. Thus, description writing is equally important to increase sales when compared to other content marketing practices. The majority of sellers opt for outsourcing the Amazon product description writing services to save time and money. Before you decide whether outsourcing is a better option for you or not, you should understand how an attention-grabbing product description is created.

Title Tags and Keywords

While keyword stuffing is not recommended for the search engine algorithms, Amazon allows you to add as many keywords as possible in the title of your product. The character limit is 200, enough for you to write any keyword relevant to the product with every possible variation.

Meaningful Product Title

Adding keywords is important for the searchability of the product, but you should follow a specific order for the information. The brand name, color, size, and keywords should always be to make it readable and meaningful. For example, if you’re selling men’s sneakers, you can write it as Adidas White Size 14 Men’s Sneakers. The order varies for different categories. Also, there are some guidelines from Amazon for the titles of a product. It includes capitalization of each word, numbers only in numerals, and measurements to be spelled instead of abbreviations. The e-commerce giant has made it clear that the products not complying with these rules will not be visible to the customers.

Information in Bullets

The importance of bullet points is known to all when it comes to online shopping. They provide quick information about the product, enough to make the customers scroll down to the more descriptive section. The selling points of your products should be mentioned here. Your competitors are going to take advantage of if the bullets have little or irrelevant details. The product is more likely to get overlooked.

To make the bullets engaging, make sure they are descriptive and instantly provide an overview of the product. Always add the information that can be useful for the customer, even though they are not describing any perk of the product. For example, supported devices are useful information when someone is searching for mobile accessories. Remember, your product can be of the same quality and functionality as of some other seller, but this little information can decide the product a customer will buy.

CTAs in Description

The CTAs on the Amazon description pages are not the conventional ones you see everywhere. You may not have noticed them because they are disguised in the descriptions. The CTAs are useful to move your customer from the product page to the checkout section. There are different ways you can add these in your descriptions. Knowledge of these different practices to add CTAs can help you with the long list of products. While writing for a product, do not forget to add the promotional offers you have for the customers.

Multiple Images and Video

Customers are now used to inspecting an item from different angles before they buy it. Thus, you must upload your product with a variety of shots. You can use different sides, angles, or demonstrate the product in use. Zoom buttons and expandable images can be seen on almost every other product. Moreover, the videos are more reliable for the customers to watch the product in action. It is also a better alternative while showcasing the different sides of it. Therefore, you should consider adding a video in the description to make it more engaging.

Loading Time of the Page

The loading time of a page can also be the determining factor for buyers. In recent studies, it has been found that 25% of the users abandon the page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. On mobile shopping sites, the abandonment rate is 40% if the page is not ready within 3 seconds. It has been noted that almost half of the people do not go back to the pages that took a long time to load.

Thus, the load time is something you should take care of while adding infographics and images to your description. A delay of one second can cost you a considerable amount of sales in a longer duration. Optimize the images and videos to reduce the load time. This way you can save the precious seconds in load time since the majority of the factors contributing to it has nothing to do with your description.

Add a Personality to the Descriptions

The purpose of writing a description indeed is to give more detail about the product. But you can still make it interesting and enjoyable with an idea of your company’s personality. This will set you apart from your competitors with the same products and kind of dull descriptions. The idea of revealing a personal side of your company to the customers helps them to connect with the brand and builds a relationship between the two entities. Endearing yourself is sometimes as important as the quality of the products and customer service when it comes to making a sale.

Check All the Boxes

It might seem time-consuming for you to fill all the details while uploading a product on the Amazon. But from the perspective of Amazon, it is extremely important for better customer experience. This is the reason why the products with missing details are often suppressed on the search results. These details include UPC’s, brands, attributes, and variation themes. Every second you spend on filling the details is worth it, and should never be neglected.

The Idea of writing a great product description for some products seems feasible, but with hundreds of products to be put on sale, it can be a little overwhelming. Hiring an in-house team comes with the cost of training, infrastructure, and technology. To eliminate the hassle and shift your focus on the core activities, you can outsource the Amazon product description services to a vendor. At, our e-commerce product description writer can help you with writing engaging content in a clear, appealing, and effective tone. With the shortest turnaround time in the industry, you can rely on us for the timely delivery of the project. Drop us a mail at for more details.


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